Public Holidays Iran 2018

Victory of Islamic Revolution Sun 11.02.2018
Martyrdom of Fatima Tue 20.02.2018
Oil Industry Nationalization Day Tue 20.03.2018
Iranian New Year (Nowrooz) Wed 21.03.2018
Iranian New Year Thu 22.03.2018
Iranian New Year Fri 23.03.2018
Iranian New Year Sat 24.03.2018
Birthday of Imam ali Sat 31.03.2018
Iranian National Day Sun 01.04.2018
Nature Day Mon 02.04.2018
Prophet’s Ascension Sat 14.04.2018
Imam Mahdi’s birthday Wed 02.05.2018
The death of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mon 04.06.2018
The uprising of 15 khordad Tue 05.06.2018
Martyrdom of Imam Ali Wed 06.06.2018
Eid-e-Fetr (End of Ramadan) Fri 15.06.2018
Eide-e-Fetr Sat 16.06.2018
Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq Mon 09.07.2018
 Eid-e-Ghorban (Feast of Sacrifice) Wed 22.08.2018
Eid-al-Ghadir Thu 30.08.2018
Tasooa (mourning holiday) Wed 19.09.2018
 Ashoora  Thu 20.09.2018
Arbaeen – 40th day after death of Imam Hussein Tue 30.10.2018
Demise of the Prophet & Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Wed 07.11.2018
Martyrdom of Imam Reza Thu 08.11.2018
Birthday of the prophet Mohammad and Imam Sadegh Sun 25.11.2018

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